If you like vocals that seethe, whisper, grizzle, ache & growl, then you've come to the right place.

Rachael Brady has one of those voices you only find in singers who're grounded by their guts into a life deeply & often messily lived. 
It isn't sweet, high or perfect.

It’s a voice that sings its scars and imperfections.

It’ll probably sing some of yours too.

And like her voice,  which speaks to the mess, the heartache, the jubilation & ultimately, the beauty of our humanness  - so too does the music. 

It’s visceral, honest, vulnerable and seductive AF.

This woman can not only spin a tale worth telling but she’ll sing the hell out of it too.


Brady is currently (2021) recording her 4th studio album "Bears, Witches & Wolves" with Blue Mountains based producer, engineer and multi-instrumentalist Josh Schuberth (Josh Pyke, Sara Storer, Shane Nicholson). 

The album signals a clear departure from any previous folk/roots offerings and finds Brady exploring a much darker Americana soundscape described as a southwestern, gothic-noir journey of love, life and death with distinctly witchy, medicine-woman, runs-with-wolves overtones. 


"Our journey starts, as many do, with a train-wreck of a relationship and ends, as all stories must, in a funeral lullaby". 

Tracks are being released as they're recorded, single by single. On completion Bears, Witches & Wolves will see a limited vinyl run. Stay up to date with all the releases on Spotify